Farm philosophy

NaturePinks Gardens Philosophy

Going natural is the way to keep us in the pink of health - the reason we call our farms NaturePinks.

The food we eat is a very important determinant of our health. At NaturePinks, our approach to farming is simple - we apply organic methods to produce clean and healthy fruits & vegetables for our own consumption and spare some for the interested few we can cater to. 

As professional experts in our field, we apply the best of farm practices to produce the safest food. We continuously experiment, innovate and evolve our methods, delving into the latest scientific developments as much as into traditional wisdom.

We do not use any synthetic chemicals during the cultivation and use a range of biological and natural pest control methods to protect our crops. We weed manually and use mulches to reduce weed competition. Plant nutrition comes from a variety of organic sources in a completely organic nutrient management system that is based on green manures, compost, biofertilizers and minerals. We work to build healthy soils by enhancing the living component of the soil, the microbial inhabitants that release, transform, and transfer nutrients and earthworms that churn the nutrients for plant use. We use drip irrigation extensively to conserve water and reduce weed growth.

Our methods incur more cost and are often labour-intensive in the short run, but in the long run avoid issues like groundwater pollution, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and human health problems caused by exposure to chemical residues. What is more, produce from our farms is price comparable to regular food since we market directly and avoid the multiple price markups of the distribution chain.

Summary of our methods

✔  Open pollinated and hybrid seeds Synthetic non organic insecticides
✔  Organic manures, compost, vermicompost Synthetic non organic fungicides
✔  Green manures Weedicides
✔  Cover crops & mulches 
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) seeds
✔  Nutrient fixing & solubilizing microbes Plant growth hormones
✔  Natural Minerals Synthetic dyes and colours
✔  Beneficial organisms Sewage irrigation
✔  Biological pest control agents and traps Artificial ripening chemicals
✔  Companion crops and trap crops Plant antibiotics
✔  Mechanical weeding Soil fumigants


We are often asked - are you certified organic? We follow organic methods and our farms are under the organic conversion period stipulated before being certified organic. Our farms have been 100% free of synthetic chemical pesticide use for many years ever since we procured them. More important than certification however, we continuously focus on improving our production processes in ensuring you can absolutely rely on what we bring to your table.


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