NaturePinks Gardens website takes birth on Sankranthi!

NaturePinks website launched on Sankranthi

Welcome to NaturePinks Natural Gardens!

This website is born on this auspicious day of Sankranthi, the harvest festival!

Sankranthi or Pongal is a festival of many new beginnings - the beginning of spring, the beginning of new resolutions, the beginning of new commitments. At NaturePinks, we see this Sankranthi as the beginning of a new auspicious phase of transition - a transition to a new spring of health arising from fresh new ideas of working with nature.

Today also symbolizes the veneration of the first fruit of harvest. Over time, everyone has forgotten how to work with nature and Sankranthi is an occasion to remind ourselves of our interactions with nature and move closer to producing, harvesting and living in a sensible way nature has intended for us. This is a day we acknowledge all that allowed us have a harvest -  the earth, ourselves and the nature that supports us in our sustenance.

We wish you a very happy Sankranthi and look forward to a new beginning that helps us to work in the lap of nature to keep us in the pink of health!