Plucking Papaya & Tomato this Friday, want a notification at harvest?

We are plucking some ripe Organic Papaya and Organic Tomato this Friday and should have them available over the weekend. We are also expecting to have limited quantities of Organic Muskmelon and Drumstick leaf. As always, each of these fruits and vegetables is grown in our own farms, using organic farm practices that we have detailed out on this site.

Now, does that get you thinking how you are to know when we harvest and have stock?Just sign up on our online shop and we will notify you each time we harvest!

We notify you by whatsapp (or SMS/phone on request). That way, you will be in the know each time and won't miss out having your share of the limited stocks. We are also going to send you notices on offers and coupons time to time so you get preferential discounts coming from this site. Of course, you can unsubscribe from the notifications any time you choose to.