Organic vegetables in Hyderabad

Gift wrapping the gourds for you!

Paper wrapping the gourds at NaturePinks

Fruit flies are a devastating pest for most fruits including gourds. Female fruitflies puncture the fruit to lay eggs inside the fruit; the eggs hatch into larvae and relish on the fruits before growing up and emerging out of the fruits. So the next time you see wriggling worms when you cut open a fruit, you know how they got there. In conventional cultivation, management of fruit flies is done by intensive spraying of powerful insecticides on a regular basis.

NaturePinks' Organic Onion and Organic Garlic

NaturePinks Organic Garlic Packed

For those who are looking to spice up their dishes with organically grown fresh onion and garlic, here is an update. 

We have harvested garlic a few weeks back and onion just a week back. The onion is the darker pink/purple variety of medium size and the garlic is white and medium size. Take a look at the pictures in this post for a view of how these were grown over the last few months, of course using organic cultivation methods. 

Organic Tomato for just 26 - an April 1st prank?

NaturePinks Organic Tomato

A friend of ours was pleasantly surprised that NaturePinks had listed organic tomato at Rs. 26 a kg, while organic tomato typically retails in the 40-80 a kilo range. No, this is not an April 1st prank! Here is some background on how we manage to get the organic tomatoes to you at the price we do, and what goes into producing and pricing organic tomatoes at NaturePinks. 

Our typical tomato types are Heem Sohna, US440 and native types like Arka Vikas. We are also trying our hand at cherry tomatoes this season. In most cases, we grow our own tomato plants from seed in our nursery.