Organic vegetables in Hyderabad

Organic leafy vegetables - worth their weight in gold

Organic Leafy Vegetables

Are you are like us and have stopped eating leafy vegetables for good? - either due to unsavoury odours that give away clues on how they were produced or handled, or a slew of online videos that permanently gag all desire to nibble another leaf ever? Well then, NaturePinks organic leafy vegetables are just what you are looking for to return to the real leafies.

Summer Swelter

watermelon cracked

Imagine staying a few minutes in the sun in this hot scorching summer.

Crops stay in this dessicating heat all day and no amount of water supply to the plants prevents them from being impacted. With summer coming in as early as late February this year, the impacts have already affected crop stands. Tomato & capsicum fruits are blanched while plants have been drying out, watermelon fruits in an entire plot have burst open while still unripe, beans plants have wilted and dried, gourd plants have dried up to turn to dust on touch, papaya plants stay wilted all day awaiting the night to recoup.

If you are wondering why our organic fruit and vegetables are limited in variety and quantity, you know why. Let's now await an early monsoon!

A tomato is a tomato is a tomato, not!

Types of tomato - natu/desi, baby, hybrid

A tomato by any name would taste just the same? Not really.

Tomatoes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours to suit different uses they are put to. Tomatoes come in shapes all the way from perfect marble shape, chilli shape, bottle shape, to a thorough pumpkin shape. Size ranges from the tiny cherry tomatoes to the gigantic beafsteaks. The colours run all the way from green, brilliant yellow, orange, red to even dark brown. Then there are zebra types that have an assortment of colours too. Flavours range from mild, sweet to highly acidic/sour.