Organic awareness videos

Video: Can I afford Organic?

Some of us yearn to go organic, yet get bogged down by the perception of organic fruits and vegetables being way too expensive and hard to afford.

In this 95 second video 'Can I afford organic fruits and vegetables', we try to make a quick calculation of how affordable organic fresh foods really are. We then compare the differential to some of our regular spends so we have a perspective of how big the extra amount we spend really is.

Are organic foods really unaffordable when you take into account the health benefits safe foods could have on you and your loved ones? We realize in fact, many times we are very price conscious when it comes to fruits and vegetables, even though the real cost differential is only marginal. Especially at NaturePinks, our endeavour is to make organic food available at as close to regular food prices as feasible.

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Video: 6 questions to ask your organic seller

The biggest reason some of us are wary of picking organic food is because we are not sure what we are buying is genuinely organic. There is so much jargon and so much of confounding that surrounds organic foods; you are not alone if you have the same confusion around going organic as many others.

In this 1 minute video 'Am I buying genuinely organic food?', we have provided the most important questions you should ask from whoever is supplying your organic foods. We hope these tips will help you identify and relish real organic food and not be lost in the hype and publicity that some sellers may lead you to.

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