Organic fruits and vegetables in Hyderabad

Celebrating 3 years of and 6 years of farming

3 years of organic food online

Six years back, we ventured into hands-on farming and 3 years back, we brought to life for distributing our produce online.

As we take a moment to look back and on where we are now, we are reminded of the telugu adage 'moodu puvvulu aaru kayalu' that translates to '3 flowers and 6 young fruits' - indicating something that is prosperous & holds a lot of promise - with the fruits almost ready and flowers being indicative of goodness that will keep coming.

Lab test certifies NaturePinks produce residue free!

NaturePinks Residue Test Report

You have always trusted our produce being safe and healthy for your family based on our production processes and our professional expertise. Our assurance is now backed by a lab residue analysis test report that has determined our sample is free of residues of all 98 pesticides for which it was tested.

At a time when organic produce certified and sold as organic in the market often fails such tests denting the buyer's confidence in organic food, we are proud that our commitment to produce trusted organic food is ratified by lab tests on our end produce. This is one more reason to relish our organic fruits and vegetables in the confidence that our processes and attention in growing bring just the safest foods to you and your family.

Rain Tree Park meets NaturePinks Gardens!

The gourds sectionA few friends from Rain Tree Park joined us on a farm visit to NaturePinks Organic Gardens that we had organized on the 24th December 2016. As they say, seeing is believing and we hoped to provide a first hand touch and feel experience of the crops we grow so folks can appreciate where the organic food on the table comes from and how.

After a two hour drive to our smallest 5 acre farm at Chalmeda and a simple organic lunch, we set out across the field on a 'guided walk' of the crop plots. Some of the crops that are now on the farm included - three types of tomatoes, potato, green chilli, brinjal, bhendi, drumstick, four types of gourds, papaya, watermelon, muskmelon, cucumbers, corn, carrot, beetroot, radish, many types of leafy vegetables, beans, broadbeans, clusterbeans, cowpea, onion, garlic, horsegram - all in different stages of growth.