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Beauty or Purity?

Ripening - as natural as it gets

No, we are not discussing a person's beauty here, but of ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Ripening is a process which makes a fruit edible and sweet. In physiological terms complex sugars in the fruit are converted to soluble sugars, through a sequence of physical and biochemical events. While fruits fall into two major categories based on whether they continue to ripen after harvesting or not, ethylene is a compound that is naturally produced and aids in ripening in both cases.

NaturePinks' Organic Onion and Organic Garlic

NaturePinks Organic Garlic Packed

For those who are looking to spice up their dishes with organically grown fresh onion and garlic, here is an update. 

We have harvested garlic a few weeks back and onion just a week back. The onion is the darker pink/purple variety of medium size and the garlic is white and medium size. Take a look at the pictures in this post for a view of how these were grown over the last few months, of course using organic cultivation methods.