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Plucking Papaya & Tomato this Friday, want a notification at harvest?

We are plucking some ripe Organic Papaya and Organic Tomato this Friday and should have them available over the weekend. We are also expecting to have limited quantities of Organic Muskmelon and Drumstick leaf. As always, each of these fruits and vegetables is grown in our own farms, using organic farm practices that we have detailed out on this site.

Now, does that get you thinking how you are to know when we harvest and have stock?Just sign up on our online shop and we will notify you each time we harvest!

Organic Papayas from NaturePinks

NaturePinks Organic papaya ready for you

Papaya (Carica papaya) was called the 'angel fruit' by Columbus and it is deemed by many as a wonder fruit for its delicious taste, flavour, nutritional benefits and medicinal properties. At NaturePinks Gardens, we have about 360 plants of organically grown Papaya which are now under fruiting. We harvest the fruit once or twice a week and distribute them in select localities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.