A tomato is a tomato is a tomato, not!

Types of tomato - natu/desi, baby, hybrid

A tomato by any name would taste just the same? Not really.

Tomatoes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours to suit different uses they are put to. Tomatoes come in shapes all the way from perfect marble shape, chilli shape, bottle shape, to a thorough pumpkin shape. Size ranges from the tiny cherry tomatoes to the gigantic beafsteaks. The colours run all the way from green, brilliant yellow, orange, red to even dark brown. Then there are zebra types that have an assortment of colours too. Flavours range from mild, sweet to highly acidic/sour.

At NaturePinks, our current tomatoes fall into three categories.

The desi or natu organic tomatoes are the country types that are ridged like pumpkins and have part green part red colouration. These are soft, thin skinned and have high juice content. Tastewise they are on the acidic/sour side, with some folks preferring them for chutneys and rasams where their taste is sought after. Agreed, preferring is a massive understatement.

The baby organic tomato types are in some ways similar to the natu type. The fruits are small, but not tiny as cherry tomatoes, are spherical with no ridges and have more uniform red colouration. These are soft too with thin skin and high juice content. These are generally picked up for making stuffed tomato recipes and stand up well for their taste too. It is quite likely someone else has put the phrase 'baby tomato' to use before NaturePinks did for lack of a better description, but we are not going to argue that.

The regular organic tomatoes are our toughest tomatoes. Thick skinned and fleshy, these are near spherical and have a nice uniform red colour. They are great to cut slices off for salad without spilling up the entire kitchen. They have a relatively mild flavour and are a good addition as a salad to any dish. What is more, they are easier to grow, yield well, are resistant to transport impacts and have a long shelf life.

At NaturePinks, choose your tomato!