Organic leafy vegetables - worth their weight in gold

Organic Leafy Vegetables

Are you are like us and have stopped eating leafy vegetables for good? - either due to unsavoury odours that give away clues on how they were produced or handled, or a slew of online videos that permanently gag all desire to nibble another leaf ever? Well then, NaturePinks organic leafy vegetables are just what you are looking for to return to the real leafies.

Leafy vegetables are proven to be great sources of nutrition and treasure houses of essential vitamins and minerals. Leafies are low in calories and fat, but high in dietary fibre, vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium & a number of beneficial phytochemicals. Studies show that the benefits of leafies in diet include reduced risk of heart disease & cancer, better managment of diabetes, good bone health, better body weight management, good eye health and lower cholesterol.

Depending on your tastes, it is quite likely that some of palak, coriander, curry leaf, gongura, chukkakura, amaranthus, methi would have been essential ingredients of your daily cuisine. But you may have grown wary if the leafies in the market do more bad than good, being unsure of what went into their production and handling.

At NaturePinks, we have a dedicated area where we grow a variety of organic leafy vegetables. We currently have 10-12 types of leafies and have some unconventional ones such as drumstick leaf, green garlic and spring onions which are not commonly available. We take utmost care in organic production of these leafies - insect pests have a great affinity towards some of the leafies such as palak and we utilize a variety of safe organic methods to minimize the damage.

Trusted organic leafy vegetables are worth their weight in gold. Fortunately, a wide variety of organic leafy vegetables from NaturePinks come to you with the utmost trust but not necessarily with the price tag of gold. Do take a look at the organic leafies in stock now, here:

Organic Palak Leaf

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