A super cool update - how our organic food comes to you farm fresh

NaturePinks cold room

Did you ever wonder how we manage to bring you organic fruits and vegetables in a near farm fresh state?

Keeping farm produce in a fresh state is an intricate end to end process. We carefully plan the harvest in such a way that the most delicate produce gets picked as late as possible - for example, the last that gets harvested is typically leafy vegetables, that tend to wither very quickly. The produce is immediately moved to shade and to a make shift precooling area. Reducing the temperature of produce immediately after harvest is a very important step to extend the keeping quality of farm produce. Some of the produce gets a spray of water or a quick wash to retain the moisture levels - it is important to note that not all produce likes a spray of water - so much so some types of produce get damaged if they are wetted.

The harvested produce is transported quickly in our own covered cargo vehicle. We have also commissioned a nice cold room that allows us to retain the freshness of our organic produce over a day or two until your deliveries happen. Storing farm produce is quite knowledge intensive - each type of product has a different temperature, relative humidity and CO2 requirement. There are other aspects such as ethylene and light sensitivity of each type of product to consider as well. For example, tomato and papaya do not like temperatures below 13-15 degrees celsius while leafy vegetables are freshest at lower temperatures with close to 100% RH.

Overall, the detailed attention our organic farm produce gets at each step helps us deliver organic food in as fresh a state as possible, and the feedback we have been receiving on the great quality is a testament to the efforts we put into this.