What's cooking at NaturePinks and Hey OrganicSiri!

An update from NaturePinks

It is Sankranthi time again and here is an update from NaturePinks - we are back! Thank you for persistently following up with us on stock availability, including with some angry rants at times  - we had no option but to be back and better.

2018 has been an interesting year for NaturePinks and we had to take a long break in our deliveries, as a result of a number of different factors - farm and off-farm. Our focus on cultivating rice, redgram, pulses and bajra led us to go slow on vegetables and fruits. The season was not great and water scarcity hit some of our crop areas big time. We saw some unprecedented pest & disease attacks, that among others, wiped out our papaya plantation. We had turnover of key staff, and the stint abroad for some of our key management members wasn't very helpful either. Thankfully, none of this could weaken our resolve to produce clean and healthy food. We have used learnings from the year to plan anew - we have scaled up production at our new farm south of Hyderabad. This should help us make supplies of our vegetables and fruits more consistent. We have reviewed our worker policies and built in better redundancies.

Another interesting development has been initiation of our new organic online store, OrganicSiri.com

If you are one of those who racked your brains at times to remember which was that trusted online organic store (yeah, something to do with pink and nature, but what was that!), we ease you some memory with OrganicSiri - the new site name should be easy to recollect. Produce of NaturePinks will be exclusively made available on OrganicSiri and your account on NaturePinks shop has automatically been extended to OrganicSiri.

Organic Siri literally is a coinage to mean organic treasure. Given the large amounts of interest on Organic Siri Dhanyalu of late, this fits in well with our millet production too. We don't promise calling out 'Hey OrganicSiri' will invoke any food assistant but at the pace technology moves, who knows!

We have begun notifications about stock each week, so let us know if you are missing them!


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