Is your Pappu dull?

kandi pappu

Excuse our pun here but we are talking of Kandi pappu or tur dal here. If you have ever picked up organic toor dal from NaturePinks farms, you would have noticed it is relatively dull looking and is not bright and colorful like what you may be seeing in the market.

So why is our pappu dull? Red gram, arhar or toor in our farms is grown organically and is processed naturally and hygienically, without use of any color or additives. The end result is dal that is free of pesticide residues, chemicals and harmful colours. Our organic tur dal may not be the most attractive in town but is certainly the safest and wholesome.

Red gram or dal has two major types of adulteration. The first is a non permitted coaltar colour by name Metanil Yellow that is applied to dal (and turmeric etc.) to make it appear brilliant yellow and appealing. Metanil yellow is toxic and highly carcinogenic (cancer causing). Research studies show its chronic consumption also causes irreversible changes to the central nervous system. Unfortunately use of Metanil Yellow is not well regulated and is applied indiscrimately to a variety of food substances.

The second adulterant is the inexpensive Kesari dal that is quite similar to tur dal in appearance but can only be identified by close observation by a trained eye. Kesari dal is reported to cause a neurological disease called lathyrism and hence has been banned in most regions of India. The effects of lathyrism are attributed to a toxin called ODAP and is known to cause atrophy of gluteal muscles (buttocks) and paralysis. In children, the effects are  bone deformity and reduced brain development.

So, would you rather have your pappu brilliant or dull?

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